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The most common way to sanitize or disinfect a pool and spa »« Hot tubs use two different types of filters

Does your pool have a pool heater?

Does your pool have a pool heater? Do you fill your pool with public water piped through old pipes? Do you fill your pool from a well with a high mineral content? Have your had to use a large amount of algaecide to treat your pool? Are your pool surfaces turning colors other than what your intended? All of these are reasons why you may want to test your pool water for the presence of copper

Copper in the water can not only turn your pool surfaces colors it is the leading cause of green hair in swimmers. Most people do not like green hair and nails, so it is best to prevent it. Test your water regularly for copper if you have any of the above factors to be safe.

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August 23, 2017 at 8:09 pm
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