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Spa and Pool Cartridge Filters

As you are opening your pool and spa for the coming season, it is time to check that your cartridge filters are in good shape. In most cases to give you the best performance they probably should be replaced. If they are a year old they should be replaced. Over time the pores in the filter become clogged by material that is not removed when the filter is cleaned and the filtering capacity is reduced, often to the point that they are no longer doing their job at helping sanitize your pool and keep your family healthy.

On a spa you should always have 2 filters that you rotate in and out. You can put a clean filter in quickly when you need one and then clean the one that you removed and allow it to sit cleaned until you need to change the filter again. Allowing it to dry in between helps kill any pathogens that maybe on the filter since most can not survive long when dry. You also can clean it more thoroughly without rushing to get it back into the spa.

August 24, 2017 at 3:04 pm
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