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Ways to keep your cartridges clean

One of the most important things you can do to keep your pool or spa clean and safe for your use is to maintain a clean filter. If you are using a cartridge filter, I would recommend two items to make your job quicker and easier.

One is Pure and Clean Cartridge and Grid Cleaner. This amazing multipurpose cleaner is fast acting. It removes calcium, minerals, dirt, oils and scale. It is deep penetrating so that it renews and improves the efficiency of your filter. Pure and Clean will work on DE filter grids also. It is so multipurpose that after cleaning your filters you can use it to clean your pool equipment, your spa shell, your boat (Yacht or Dingy!) and your patio furniture. From personal observations, white patio furniture will look like brand new!

The second item is the filter Flosser, a cartridge cleaning tool made specifically for cleaning pleated cartridge filters. It’s unique design fits on a regular garden hose. A powerful spray pattern of water and air is generated Gris the curved nozzle design and small outlets. This allows the water to penetrate deep down between the pleats of the filter, giving the interior surfaces a thorough cleaning. Mikise Filter Tools believes in their product so much that it comes with a limited LIFETIME warranty.

Remember the first step to a clean pool or spa is a clean filter. Do your maintenance and keep your work simple with so great products.


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July 22, 2017 at 3:20 pm
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